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Vicki Sports Massage - Testimonials

‘As an International and Olympic athlete I set my expectations very high and massage is no exception. I thoroughly recommend Vicki White as a massage therapist as she has delivered a world class massage every time.’
Andrea Whitcombe  GB Triathlete



‘Having been a part of the Wales Women’s National Football Team since 2008, I have come to realise how important a good sports massage can be both in preparation for and recovery from big games. We’ve been lucky to have someone world class in Vicki on board with us and her work has never let us down!’

Helen Ward  Wales International Footballer



‘I went to Vicki on a number of occasions during my Ironman training and events, and she was able to pinpoint and address the problem areas each time. Would highly recommend’

John Davies Ironman Triathlete


‘Vicki helped me out when I was having issues with my I. T band when running. It took just one session to diagnose the issue and with only 2 sessions and a good stretching routine I was back to training. Not only is Vicki excellent in the work that she does but, due to her friendly and talkative personality, it’s a pleasure to spend 45 minutes in her company… Even if she is prodding and poking you in painful places. Big Thanks Vicki.’

Benjamin Jeans Triathlete


‘I had been suffering for 5 or 6 weeks with an aching back, shoulders and neck, and unable to sleep through the night or just sit comfortably, I just couldn’t put up with it any longer it was not going to ease off or go by itself so I started to look into a cure. After looking at the options I decided to look into having a sports massage to see if it would bring any relief. I looked on the internet and came across Vicki’s website which had some recommendations from top athletes and teams for sports injury treatments.

I called Vicki and explained the problem I had, the cause being manual work related, but Vicki said to come along as she was sure she could help and that it should only take one or two sessions, and she was true to her word. Vicki explained that I would feel a little sore after the first massage as she manipulated my back and shoulders, however two days later, I felt so much more flexible my neck, back and arms were much better. A week later I had my second treatment and since then I have felt so much better, and not fidgeting when sitting down and able to just relax a lot more, Vicki didn’t just reduce the problem she took it away! I wish I had gone to Vicki a lot earlier than I did rather than ‘putting up’ with it for weeks.’

John James