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Functional Running Assessment and Gait Re-Training

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Vicki White Sports Therapy is pleased to offer Running Gait Assessments & Re-Training service which includes in-depth video technology, looking at Stride length, Step Width, Step Rate and Kinematics/Kinetics (the way in which our body moves).

If you are constantly getting injuries/niggles or want to run more efficiently then Functional Running Assessment and Gait Re-Training could be the answer.

We will look at the way you run using in-depth video analysis. Through this we can understand whether you are overloading causing tissue stress/strain, and try to create the ‘optimal’ running pattern using verbal cues and specific strengthening exercises.

One size does not fit all – Each session is specifically tailored to enable athletes to improve their running style through simple cues, drills & exercises.


What is included?

Biomechanical & Kinetic Assessment ~ looking at the way you move and any limitations/weakness you may have.
Gait Analysis ~ looking at cadence, step width, stride length, foot strike, terminal stance, mid stance, centre of mass, hip extension/flexion, knee flexion, ankle flexion
Video Analysis ~ Using slow motion technology with visual cues to allow you to see & understand what is happening during your running gait.
Exercises ~ Strength & Conditioning exercises will be prescribed to aid gait improvements.
Treatment ~ A personalised sports massage therapy session relieve any muscle tension, and improve range of movement.

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